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  • Equinox Soho

    5 Best Gyms in Miami

    Miami is well knows for it’s party scene but it’s also a got a thriving and growing fitness community. With the addition of new corporate gyms opening in 2016/17 and smaller…

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  • IMG_6953

    Jordie Caskey

    I’m Jordie Caskey, I’m from northern Louisiana, & I moved to Los Angeles in 2012. I started modeling & worked with Sonny Tong, Scott Hoover, Adrian Bartol & Josh Williams within the first month of…

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    Logan Swiecki-Taylor

    Born from two amazing parents that taught me to always follow my dreams, and supported me in all my ridiculous endeavors.  I decided that a B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition…

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  • Tony Duran

    Brady Ervin

    Brady Ervin has been working with Wilhelmina agency for a few years now and has scored some sweet gigs by doing so. He has worked with photographers such Bruce Webber, Greg Swales,…

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  • Scotch&Soda

    Living in the City

    Giving myself a chance to really enjoy the city and during the day is totally different for me. I used to live going out only after dark. If the sun was…

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  • mmcosmostee

    Muscle Monkey

    I have yet to find an athletic apparel line like Muscle Monkey’s. Their clothes fit like a glove and look great in and out of the gym. The cut to their…

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